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We provide the absolute best in quality using professional crews at a fair cost to our customers.

Welcome to Allendorfer Roofing

Allendorfer Roofing is Chicagoland’s Premiere Roofing Company of choice. We are a family-owned, full-service roofing firm serving the Chicagoland area. We have the knowledge and expertise with all building types and projects:


With our roofing knowledge and the products we offer, we can put an end to any existing commercial roofing problems.


Leaky roof? Hail damage? Strong winds tearing up the shingles on your home? We are here to assist homeowners in the Chicago area.


We are dedicated to ensuring that our work is done on schedule for minimum downtime, and get you back to business as normal ASAP.

Is your roof damaged?

At Allendorfer Roofing, we will handle your roofing project – no matter how big or small! We can offer you a full rooftop replacement from the deck on up, yet we will also help get a couple of more years out of your old rooftop until a new roof meets your budget. When you decide to hire us as your designated roofing company, not only will you receive a high-quality product, but also outstanding service. Our experienced team of outstanding workers will help guide you through the entire process. Whether you are looking for residential, industrial, or commercial roofing in Chicago, we’ve got you covered.



Expect the highest quality.

That is our mission statement. We provide the absolute best in quality using professional crews at a fair cost to our customers. Our clients benefit from our full time commitment of providing professional behavior, commitment and the highest standards on every roofing project. We make every decision on the basis of our client’s best interests. The relationships we establish with our customers are extremely important to us.

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