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Not necessarily. Repair work is very common and can remedy some problems. We would have to inspect the damage to see if a repair is all that is needed.

It can be difficult for most building owners to identify the root cause of a problem. It’s easy to tell that your roof is leaking, but not WHY it is leaking.

After inspection, depending on the roof, we can come up with choices and pricing. We would move to product selection as our next step.

We ask for a deposit, usually pay your balance on net 30.

Residential is subcontracted with a consistent company. Commercial is all in-house.

No, but some specific access might need to be set up ahead of time.

Yes, we do free roof inspections for homeowners and building owners. If you are looking to buy a building and need an inspection, then there would be a charge.

We work with a skylight manufacturer and we install them, but we don’t do any interior work.

Yes, available upon request. Please also feel free to check out our about us page.

Varies based on quality of materials being installed, and the building itself. The pitch of the roof can make a difference too. We can guarantee systems up to 25 years on some systems.

Yes, the license is at the bottom of the site.

The majority of roofing systems can be installed year round.

Contact us or give us a call and ask.

Every project is different, but we can give a ballpark estimate during the free inspection.

If you’re a condo or a big building, as far as contracting some kind of maintenance agreement then it can vary based on the size of the building. Someone would have to come out and inspect it since every roof is different. The roofer would bring everything up to code, and then there would be a maintenance agreement after that. smaller condos are around $400 twice a year when under 20 units. Annual arrangements are pretty rare for residential outside of cleaning gutters.

Our labor warranty is 5 years, and the shingles are a lifetime. Flat roofing is a 12 year and up guarantee.

Lack of maintenance is a big cause.

Acts as a vapor barrier between the shingles and the decking

Probably mildew forming because of high humidity.

UV rays. Usually the South side will get more exposure than the others.

Before it leaks. We do roof replacements all year round.

Flat modified roof or shingles, I don’t recommend it. Rubber roofs can be painted depending on the coating and should be reapplied every 10 years

Fiberglass mats saturated in asphalt and then coated in granules.

They usually form in overhang on shingles or flat roofs where it refreezes melting snow. It starts at the gutter and works its way up.

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What Our Customers Say

Lanz Garcia
Lanz Garcia
Excelente trabajo
Joe Olivier
Joe Olivier
My front porch roof and gutters were destroyed by a fallen tree during a storm. I received three bids for the job and Allendorfer came in the middle, but they were the most thorough in terms of their written estimate. Work went smoothly once they received the deposit and the work was done very well. Communication with the office was great. I plan on working with Allendorfer in the future for any roofing and gutter work and will recommend to friends and family.
Dm Ws
Outstanding job. Did a 90' x 30' flat condo roof in the 60656 area. Starting work on a 40+ year disaster and left it a "shining gem". Commercial gutters, downspouts, rebuilt the chimney and installed a cap. Building is unrecognizable. The top floor can't say enough good things about the insulation and noise reduction. If you are looking for decent, honest people who know their stuff than please give them a chance. Fair pricing, top quality materials (not second hand knock offs) and punctual top notch performance. Thank you Rich and crew for an outstanding job, peace of mind, patience and a sense of humor.
Roger Clemson
Roger Clemson
Excellent roofers who were punctual, hardworking and did a great job fixing our roof. We recommend Allendorfer Roofing as a professional and honest company that does the job. Thank you Conrad and Richard and your roofing crew.

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