Chicago Area Roofing Contractors

Leaky roof? Hail damage? Strong winds tearing up the shingles on your home? We at Allendorfer Roofing are here to assist homeowners in the Chicago area. We pride ourselves on providing high quality work for the city we know and love.

Before photo for Allendorfer Roofing siding job


When a house is built, the roof is only expected to last between 20 and 30 years. Points of failure can start to show during that time period, and should be addressed quickly. You want to stop a small problem from evolving into something larger and more costly.

Your home is your most valuable asset, and keeping a solid roof over your head should be one of any homeowner's top priorities.

If left untreated, a leaky roof can lead to water damage in your ceiling.

If left for a long enough period of time, mold can also begin to form.

After photo for Allendorfer Roofing siding job